About Me

My name is Kenny Vertus, and I am the owner of Unrivaled Performance. I am a travel and online personal trainer based in Brookline Massachusetts. With a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University, my objective is to help you make unique, positive lifestyle changes. Through my exercise and nutrition expertise, you can achieve your own personal goals, no matter what they are, and regardless of the level you start at. Let me be the one to help you get there, because your goals are my goals.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school that I developed my passion for a healthy lifestyle. Before that, I was legally obese and continuously struggling with my weight and self-esteem. Like many people who decide to start living a healthier life, I quickly became the go-to for fitness and nutrition amongst my friends and family – a title I still proudly hold today. Not only did my newly discovered regimen alter my physical appearance, but it also changed my mental awareness. Exercising on a regular basis, and regulating what nutrients I put into it, transformed my life for the better. I saw the growth in my confidence and in the energy I was giving off to others. Now I want to help you bring progressive change and self-confidence in to your life.